Postgraduate Research Student Orientation & Induction

Next month we look forward to welcoming new students to DCU’s graduate research community. Incoming students will join a vibrant and diverse academic environment, spread over three teaching campuses and numbering over 750 graduate researchers.

In addition to Postgraduate Orientation Day on Friday 21 September, the Graduate Studies Office organises an extended induction programme for all new research students, with sessions scheduled to begin in October (see the full schedule here). We strongly encourage all new research students to participate in the extensive range of seminars and events provided.

Incoming postgraduate research students will join one of the most diverse groups on campus in terms of nationality, age, experience and subject discipline. The experience of being a research student will differ to that of undertaking a classroom-based taught programme in that it relies more on the student to take the initiative and involves individual endeavour. There are a number of supports available to help research students navigate this new chapter and the Graduate Studies Office is here to offer help and advice. Welcome to our research student community!

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